Religion - What I Believe in

Religion is a delicate subject, very personal so people tend to get really passionate about it. And that is one of the reasons why churches have been one of the most lucrative business for millenia.

I don't believe in churches. From my point of view they are mostly after money and power. To influence, to control, to manipulate.

We must get away from the dogmas of any particular church and start feeling and thinking for ourselves, freely and in a unifying way. Stop this separatism. Live and let live!

We are all connected. Think of the Universe and everything in it as a whole. We are all part of one big energy. I believe that our souls are marginal energies of God. We have God in us! We must search for him and listen to our hearts, listen to what is good, what should be done, how we should live. Peacefully, minimalistically with things (items of everyday use) and in abundance of love, abundance of good food that nature gives us, abundance of meaningful connections in our community, cherishing our relationships with others and nature.

We should see the common ground of all religions as the base. That is what connects us. Let us come together as people, respect and love each other and this beautiful planet that we call home. Stop the fighting and work together on the solutions for the crises that our society faces.

Let us start a new age in human history: the era of unity. Charles Eisenstein calls this "The Story of Interbeing". I recommend you to watch this interview with him.

Peace ✌