Life Without Social Media

We like to keep our minds busy. We fear solitude. We fear boredom.

Stop. Take a break. Listen.

It is easier to just get carried with the herd, yet so liberating to stand by yourself! Free yourself from all the noise. Yes, we are social creatures. Yes, we need to share ideas, to communicate. But social media is not the best way to do it. It feels much better to meet real people in real life, face to face.

Time is precious. Be present. Live your life.

Just unfollowing everybody doesn’t work... If you want to get rid of that junk, you have to delete your account. Save the photos that are dear to your heart. Then delete all of your posts, your comments, your likes, everything. I used a plugin tool for this, so I didn’t have to do it all by hand.

It has been almost 2 years now, since I deleted my social media account in mid 2016 from the biggest social media provider. I quit all social media sites, all “professional” networks. The biggest professional network never got me a job. It just sucked out a lot of my energy and time… All I was left with digitally were my emails. And I must admit, I had a real urge to just quit that as well…

It felt awkward at first. I felt a lot of space around me. But all this freed up a lot of my time. I also felt lighter. I had all this time to think, walk, read, cook, be with my family, meet real people in real life.

If you love yourself: do it! Delete your social media accounts now and live your life!